27 Oct, 2011

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Fourleaf celebrates 10 years

The very way in which Mark and I started Fourleaf means that we don’t have a definitive anniversary. It was very much an organic beginning which just grew into what we are today. While this leaves me personally a little lost as I don’t have an absolute date to work from or to, it’s also rather nice as we have decided to have two ten year anniversaries.

The first (unofficial) ten years is from the date of our first invoice. It marks the date that someone actually wanted to pay us for what we were doing. That anniversary, 29th October 2011, is now here and both Mark and I are extremely proud to be celebrating it. The second date, and the one we plan to be the official ten years and celebrate with everyone, is the date of our incorporation as registered with Companies House. That’s more than a year away in April 2013 but for now, we think any ten years whether official or not, is a worthy excuse for celebration.

Team picture

I can remember back in 2001 going into Hyde Park to take a couple of pictures of Mark and myself. I figured we’d need them for our website and perhaps for proposals we’d likely be sending out. Looking back at them now I cringe at the sheer horror of them. The one thing it does hammer home though is just how long ten years is!

Having the pictures from way back then, one of the things I wanted to have this year was a team picture of us all now. It will probably be something to look and cringe at in 2021 but in the meantime, also for it to create a record of those people that have made it to this exact point with us.

We headed over to the Castle grounds right behind the office for the team picture. Si and Emma had gone to town with a few party items too which was a great idea. Si, you’re a genius.

10 year team


Pizza, cake and far too much to drink

After a swift pint at the local we all headed to Pizza Express for much needed sustenance prior to an evening of drinking. Emma had been a bit cheeky and sneaked in a birthday cake with mine and Marks fresh faces on it. It was a great surprise but what followed really caught me off guard… the calls for a speech. Now I don’t mind making a speech, especially when I’m around familiar faces. However, I’m usually prepared for them and have a fairly clear idea of what I want to say, (I’ll always remember my old boss telling me that the worst thing in life is a wasted opportunity), but this time I just didn’t have anything prepared in my mind.

With it being such a great occasion for us, I must have spent no less than ten separate occasions throughout the night thinking what I should have said if only I’d thought about it a bit more.

We have such a great team at Fourleaf, surely I should have made more specific mentions to what everyone has contributed?
A significant number of the team have been with us for such lengthy periods, I should have known my numbers and recognised them in particular.
We’ve seen such progression and some of our team have grown so much within the company, surely it should have been noted?
And for some people… well they’re just essential to what we have and I simply wouldn’t want to imagine a Fourleaf without them.

For the rest of the night, while everyone was knocking back the cocktails, popping the champagne and generally having fun, I spent some of my time contemplating in light of my missed opportunity. The conclusion I came to is that I’m a very lucky person. I have a company I believe in passionately, a team I trust to always do what’s best for our clients, and a job I just love to come to each and every day. For that I can only thank everyone that’s been a part of the last ten years. I hope you’ll be with us in 2013 to celebrate the proper tenth anniversary and assuming we make it there, I promise I’ll have my speech prepared.

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